Week #3

Laser cut: Big and small

This week's assignment was to laser cut two things: One big (at least 1ft x 1 ft = 30cm x 30cm ~) and one small (unspecified). I decided I wanted to create some kind of stylized bookends, and started testing with cardboard:

A very basic small cardboard prototype of two bookends that would be tied together with an elastic chord that'll hold the books in place.
I tried a couple different forms, but the idea always remained: having two "huggers" from both sides of a row of books, with a string holding everything together.

At some point I realized it's better if the form of the thing itself is more supportive, i.e. has a part of it going under the books, or around them. I was unfortunately sick and thus absent at the time of class #3 — while going over the slides from that class I learned about the Laser Kerf cut which seemed intriguing and I thought would be fun to try. Little did I know... Apparently it's "hard to pull off" and "requires lot's of testing", which Phil "said in class"... But I tried...

I burned a lot of plywood while testing
Initially I wanted to use this pattern but it came out uneven and definitely not flexible enough for this project's needs

Eventually I did manage to laser cut two bookends that didn't burn, break or not bend. But they are very delicate so I probably wouldn't actually use them to hold any books...

[I also made a smaller version... More images coming soon!]

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