Week #14


Noisemaker at the 2023 winter show

Noisemaker is a collaboration between Matthew Lau and I for our PCOMP class' final project. It is a physical auditory and visual object that invites up to four participants to engage with one another in collaborative noise making. Each participant searches for a position on the board that would activate both a sound and a light arrangement. Each spot also has a corresponding “modifier” spot somewhere else on the board — that will change the arrangements. It is up to the participants to decide how to go about the experience: they may collaborate in creation of a rhythm; affect each others’ sounds; or even use the forces at hand to repel others’ pieces off the board. The project encourages collective play and personal bonding through the intertwining of movement around the board.

The eight chess-like pieces have magnets inside of them. There are also eight hall-effect sensors (that detect magnetic fields) scattered around the down-facing side of the board that are activated individually once the magnetic pieces are positioned correctly. Each of these trigger either a specific tone or a “modifier” to one of the tones. They also trigger a light ring that is located underneath each “correct” position, as well as additional lighting arrangements located at a lower level. A speaker that is positioned inside the box plays all the tones that are currently active.

Under the hood it's quite a mess
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