Week #3

Collaborative creation

Missed this week's class due to an awful fever that lasted way too long. I watched last year's recording from this class hoping it was similar. Anyway, I tried to create this 3D space where people can build stuff together with cubes. Each client has it's own cube color, and they can move using the arrow keys, and create a new cube using the space bar. They can also stack cubes on top of each other, use the mouse to rotate the whole thing, zoom in and out, and double-click to reset the camera view.

This is indeed very primitive, and could be further developed into something more specific and interesting. I wish I had the time (unfortunately my illness lasted a full week, barely leaving me any time to do anything at all). In any case, I would add features such as: limiting the amount of cubes a client can generate, but letting them move or remove cubes; limiting the amount of cubes the client can generate in a given time; saving all the cubes and pulling them up for new clients (hopefully we'll learn how to do that in the coming lessons — I feel like this is a recurring need); potentially let clients remove other client's cubes; adding physics to the cubes; having a number of specific viewing angles... there could be so many possibilities!

One of the things I like about this is that each client can look at the canvas differently, but there is some "objective" truth, which is what all the clients are choosing to create together. It could mean different things to different people, and could obviously look different from different angels, but the cubes will always be in the same "objective" position in space.

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Jasmine Nackash is a multidisciplinary designer and developer intereseted in creating unique and innovative experiences.