week #9

Server side datastore

This week's assignment was to add a database to a previous assignment using NEDB.

I chose my assignment from the second week, where I made a chat application that employed the use of a statistical model called a Markov chain to always add a few extra words at the end of each message that's being sent.

I started by just adding the database so users could always see the previous messages. But then I wondered if it would be interesting to have the statistical model run not on pre-determined text like before, but on the same chat messages that were being sent. I felt like it made sense — we can only use those building blocks that we already have, but we keep remixing them by recognizing patterns in them.

So I adjusted the code to do just that. While it is weird at the beginning and not so coherent when you don't have a lot of building blocks, it gets more interesting the more words and sentences you give it. It might even uncover something about the way we structure our own sentences?

Visit the live chat and contribute your own words to this weird stream of consciousness!

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Jasmine Nackash is a multidisciplinary designer and developer intereseted in creating unique and innovative experiences.